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Alexander the Great

by Erik from Lincoln

Have you ever wondered who the kings were? I’m writing about a certain king, Alexander The Great. He was born 356 BC and he died 323 B.C. He was one of the strongest kings.

When he fought the Persians, many of his men died during that war. He fought various wars in his lifetime. Alex got married once.

Alex had one of the largest armies on the globe at that time.

When Phillip, Alex's dad, went to fight the Athens group he was very small. Alex had a bad relationship with his father. One night at a party Alex made Phillip so mad that he drew his sword and started at Alex then fell. Alex said, ”This is a man claims he has crossed Greece but can't go table to table”.

Any people that died in his life were strong. Many people fought battles with him. He got married when he was about 20. His teacher was Aristotle. Many think he was poisoned.

When Alex was 18 he was the commander of the left wing of the army. He died in Babylonia. He was born in Macedonia. Thank you.

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