by Emilee from Michigan

Life will end but best friends are forever!
Best friends
Best friends

My hero's name is Lexy. I met her when playing soccer. We have now become best friends. She has changed my life in so many good ways! She has made my life worth living.

We met through soccer. Dallas u-14 girls soccer. I hurt my knee in October so didn't play much of the fall season but went to every game. Lex and I weren't close yet. I played the indoor season and that's when Lexy and I started to get close. We were always picking on each other(: By the end of the indoor season i had found out that i needed knee surgery, i wouldn't be able to play in the spring. I had my surgery on May 1st. I went home later the same day. Lexy was the first to text me and see how i was doing, it showed she cared. I went to every game that spring season and became a little closer with Lexy but i mostly talked to her parents.

After the soccer season was over we stopped talking. Until one day when i was getting into trouble. We started to talk and she talked me out of screwing up my life. I then trusted her and told her my whole life story. She has helped me through a lot this past year. We have been through a lot and accomplished a lot. We started as team mates and are now best friends. I trust her with my life. She has saved my life quite a few times. I must say she is a true best friend.

This is where i wanna say thank you. Thank you Lexy for being my best friend and always being there when i needed someone. Thank you for always pushing me in the right direction and giving me that extra boost of confidence. Thank you for being my hero and sissy and everything. Thank you for being my wing<3 You truly are my best friend!

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