by Kristen from Oak Forest

Do you want to know who MY hero is? My dog, Amber, yep, not Martin Luther King Jr. or Amelia Earhart, just my dog. You’re probably wondering, why a dog? Why my dog and not, oh say, Lassie?

That’s because Amber give me hope, a lot like Lincoln gave the Civil War soldiers the hope that they would win. She has shown others how to hope for good things to come. I bet you’re wondering ‘how does she do that?’ I’ll tell you. Amber is 10 years old in human years, about 70 in dog years, and yet she’s as strong as ever, she has fought with dogs and has scars to prove it, she has seen 2 ft snow, swam in 5 ft water, pouring rain and yet she’s still as strong and gentle as ever.

Some similarities between Amber and Lincoln are actually very common; they are both steadfast, loyal, brave, strong, patient and true. Many people would like to be like that so isn’t it funny how my dog is all those things?

Amber shows me that whatever hardship I endure, I can come out fine, I mean if a 70 yr old dog can do it, why can’t I?

We got Amber when I was 3 from the Animal Welfare League; she’s a yellow Lab-Chow mix. She’s been to Wisconsin twice as much as anyone in this school. She loves going up there and playing with Casey, a Dalmatian, laying in the sun, going swimming, going on boat rides and many other things.

Amber is my hero because she gives me hope, after all the things she has been though, and she’s still going strong, so why can’t I do something tiny compared to that? Hey if a 70 yr old dog can do it, why can’t YOU?

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