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by Kahla from Jasper

My mom is the greatest and I am glad to have her. No matter what, I know she will always be there for me, near or far away. For me, a little girl's heaven is her mother's arms. I wouldn't be here though, if it wasn't for an angel that gave breath to my mom's two year old body.

My mamaw has told me this story time and time again. No matter what I'm doing, this story is in the back of my mind. When my mom was very young, about two years of age, she was drinking a bottle and sitting on a washing machine in a laundromat while my mamaw was folding clothes. As my mamaw was folding her pile of clothes my mother dropped her bottle on the white, tile floor. She bent down to reach for her bottle. When she reached for her bottle she fell off the washing machine. When she fell, the breath was knocked out of her. My mamaw yelled for help, not knowing what to do. Out of nowhere an old woman appeared and gently took my mother into her arms. Some how, some way, she started to breathe again. My mamaw took my mom into her arms with relief knowing her daughter was breathing again.

When my mamaw turned around to thank the elderly woman she wasn't there anymore. That is a miracle. That is what makes me believe she was truly an angel.

Before I was born, my great-grandmother died. That placed a big hole in my grandfather's heart. He was happy that she was in a better place, it was just the fact that he wasn't going to be with her for a long while.

After the funeral my grandparents went into a restaurant to talk over what they were feeling and of course to eat. There was a young woman standing by the door. She handed my grandparents a folded up sheet of paper. They took it into their hands and opened it. There was a verse inside. They immediately went to their truck to look up the verse in their Bible. When they did they felt a whole lot better. Amazed, they went to thank the lady, but she wasn't there. They searched the restaurant, but she was never found. You might think these stories are miracles, but I know it was the doings of God.

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