by Bryanna from Clarksville

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Heroes can be anyone. The comic book version says traits of a hero are kindness, strength, caring, having a heart, not cruel at all with no hate in their hearts, a need for safety, fearless. I think the only thing a person needs to be a hero is to have a heart. If a person has that then they will be kind and caring almost automatically, and if the person is counted as weak if someone or something they love and care about is in danger then they feel the need to protect that thing. I believe that a person's strength comes from their heart and about something that they care about. Some people believe that a person has to have a superpower before they are a hero of any kind, for example like Superman he has many superpowers. Superman is an idol for people around the world, like one of my best friends named Antonio.

Antonio is a hero in his own way, he has traits from comic book heroes but that isn’t what makes him a hero in my eyes. To me a hero is a person that cares and protects no matter what the cost or danger to themselves, and that person doesn’t have to be strong or smart or have anything that makes them special. Antonio is a goofball but he is an awesome good friend that anyone can count on to be there and be there for them. He cares about people, and if you are close to his heart then he will try his best to make sure that no harm comes to you. If he lets you in then it means he trusts you and in turn he cares about you. Many people take advantage of great qualities like these and break people like Antonio. The reason I say Antonio is a hero is because he has a heart and he protects the things he loves the best he can. Which is all anyone can do no matter how strong, weak, smart, dumb, or secretive they are.

Heroes are in all sizes and shapes, some people think that the people who are the fastest, strongest, smartest, coolest, the best of something or the best at something are those who become heroes. They also believe that those who are the best at something are the ones who will be there for you and protect them. Times like those are when people find out who their friends are and who the true heroes of society are. Antonio is a true friend, hero, and an all around good person. I don’t want a single thing about him to change. He is one of the best people I know. Heroes in society’s eyes are filled with superpowers and nothing evil or bad, no greed or desires of their own except to do something for the good of society. In reality heroes are just people, not fantasy. They're real and have feelings and desires just like anyone else because they're human. They're just good and kind hearted, no other way to describe a hero. Antonio makes me want to be nice to people because he just gives that feeling out to even the most cold-hearted people, he is a true hero and an even greater friend.

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