Angels Heroes

Ariyanti Sukmana

by Citra from Bandung

Actually, Ariyanti is not a stranger to me. She has been my best friend since we studied together at our university.

Ariyanti is a strong person. She faces all the problems, troubles, obstacles, or things that break her heart bravely. She never cries or regrets anything that happens to her. She faces them all without questioning why it happens to her. She is also sweet, friendly, humble, enthusiastic, and dependable. She is witty too!

I learn so much from her. She makes me stronger everyday. I will never give up easily again if i face some problems. I always remember what she told me years ago: "If only troubles are what your eyes can see, if only sorrow is what your heart can feel, this life will be a misery for you. But you should remember things that make you happy, make you glowing and don't forget, GOD will keep you going..."

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