Buck Brannaman

by Rose from Roseville

Buck Brannaman Riding His Horse (
Buck Brannaman Riding His Horse (



The difference between a hero and an idol is great. While you look up to an idol, and wish to have their life, you look up to an idol and wish to have their life shape yours. That's how I feel about Buck Brannaman, or just Buck as his training label states. I look up to his knowledge, led by years of hard life and abuse. He uses his knowledge to better the lives of horses everywhere, sharing their fears and outlooks. He is someone who I wish to live my life like. When I find myself in a tough situation with a horse, "What Would Buck Do?" runs through my head. He is my hero.



Buck was born in Wisconsin, but traveled around Idaho and Montana. He was trained by his father to do trick roping for rodeos, and as early as 6 years old was doing shows for crowds with his brother. But his father is not classified as a start to a career. That man would beat the poor Buck senseless almost every night, throwing him out in the snow barefoot for hours; Buck was later taken away by the government to stay in foster care with his brother. Yet if he wasn't beaten, he would never be how he is today.

Buck Cattle Roping (
Buck Cattle Roping (

Buck now travels across the country sharing his gift of working with young, troubled horses in clinics. In the words of Buck, "Abused horses are like abused children. They trust no one and expect the worst. But patience, leadership, compassion and firmness can help them overcome their pasts." Because he uses this awful past as a gift, he touches my heart as a true hero.

            The main reason why his horse-training ways touch me is simply because of the fact that I ride horses as well, and I wish nothing more than to be able to understand the animal and get into their minds as Buck does on a regular basis. When I go through life struggles, and I feel like I will never feel happy again, I think about how Buck lived, and lives now. How what doesn't kill you makes you a 1000 times stronger. That is why if I have a troubled horse, I close my mind and think as if I had been whipped like these animals, as if I had been abused and seen what they have seen, just as Buck had to live through. I find solace in that. Because I want to shape my life to his teachings and methods, he is a true hero to me.

Buck Brannaman (
Buck Brannaman (

            While the feeling between idols and heroes may be nearly mutual, the difference is great. Buck is my idol because of his compassion and understanding of the horses, and the past which he didn't run from, but embraced. I wish to let his ideas and life surround mine, so I can live mine to the fullest. I live my training life with the continuous thought, "What would Buck do?"


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