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Bob Crippen

by Ethan from Troy

This picture shows Bob Crippen in his uniform (from NASA)
This picture shows Bob Crippen in his uniform (from NASA)

I will tell you about my exploration hero, Bob Crippen. Bob Crippen launched one of the riskiest test flights ever, STS-1 on space shuttle Columbia. He also commanded three other space shuttle missions.

He was the former director of the Kennedy Space Center and former President of Thiokol Propulsion. Bob Crippen always tells you what he really thinks and has been a strong supporter of human space flight.

Bob Crippen was born in Beaumont, Texas, on September 11, 1937. He went to New Caney High School in Caney, Texas. Bob Crippen got many awards. He got the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal in 1988. He got Distinguished Service Medals in 1985, 1988 and in 1993. He also got the Department of Defense Medal in 1981.

Bob Crippen received his NASA commission through the Navy's Aviation Officer Program at Pensacola, Florida. I hope you learned a lot about Bob Crippen.

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I chose Bob Crippen because he was brave and he had a good career. He did many things and got many awards. He has helped us learn about space.