Birute Galdikas

by Madison A. from Innisfil

My hero is Birute Galdikas

I choose this hero because she saves orangutans by adopting them.

Birute Galdikas was born in 1946 in Germany. After elementary and high school she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she went to university. When Birute was young she loved going hiking with her father.

The book Curious George changed her life because she wanted to become an explorer like the man in the yellow hat.

She saves orangutans by adopting them. Birute displays caring because she loves to save animals and she shows respect because she won`t hurt a fly. Birute accomplished doing good and getting a masters degree in anthropology. Birute influenced me because she did a good thing of trying to save all the orangutans after their mothers had been killed by hunters.

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