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Bear Grylls

by Henry from Hasting ( (

A hero to me is someone who inspires people and encourages them to do their best. That's why Bear Grylls is my hero.

Bear Grylls is 37 years old and was born on the 7 of June 1974. His real name is Edward Michal Grylls but he is known Bear Grylls as his sister gave him this nickname and it has stayed with him ever since. He lives in North East England and went to Eton high school. He also has a house boat near Battersea Bridge.

During his time at Eton Bear Grylls received a black belt in Karate and soon after at the age of 28 he climbed Mt Everest and he described his climb as gruelling, cold and scary. One of his other great achievements was being selected for the SAS. He is now gone forward from then and is now a Chief Scout.

I think Bear Grylls is a hero because he inspires younger people to do their best and that anything is possible.

Bear Grylls Is now an adventure extraordinaire and is on a television show called Man vs Wild showing people how to survive in the most dangerous places on earth. That's why Bear Grylls is my hero.

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