Benjamin Kahn

by Giovanna

Benjamin Kahn sitting on a beach ( (Ahikam Seri))
Benjamin Kahn sitting on a beach ( (Ahikam Seri))

My hero is Benjamin Kahn. Benjamin Kahn grew up in Israel. He loved to go snorkeling with his father in the Red Sea and look at all the beautiful fish and coral. As he got older, he enjoyed studying marine biology. Benjamin Kahn left Israel to come to the United States and Australia to help his father with his software company. He was very brave to leave his country to help his father and all of his favorite things that he loved, like the coral reef. Benjamin went back to Israel in 2000. When he went snorkeling he discovered how terribly dirty the water had become. All of the fish were gone and the coral was dead. He was very upset that pollution reached his favorite coral reef. Benjamin did not decide to leave it alone. He wanted to help make a change and let the future generations see the beauty of the reef. Benjamin Kahn is an amazing role model because he keeps on moving on and trying to finish everything. He is inspiring to me to make a change and go into the world and help as much as I can. My hero is Benjamin Kahn because he is inspiring, brave, and an amazing role model.

Benjamin Kahn is a very brave person. He took a risk to help save the coral reef because he always wanted people to remember the amazing fish and coral there. Benjamin is a very brave hero because he put everything aside in his life just to save one small coral reef in Indonesia. This shows how determined and brave he was to do something like that. He wanted the environment to stay clean and healthy for the animals and plants. Benjamin involved so many others to help clean the Red Sea and improve the reef; it took lots of bravery to encourage all of those people to help clean. Benjamin Kahn is an unbelievable person and his bravery is outstanding, I would definitely want to meet him and help on his next clean up to help the environment.

Photo of people Scuba Diving ( (Jim Dean))
Photo of people Scuba Diving ( (Jim Dean))

Benjamin Kahn is an astounding role model. He is a good role model because he supports others to make a change in the world. Benjamin believed that he could clean up the coral reef and he did. He wanted to help save the beauty of nature for future generations to see. Kahn wanted his home to stay the way it has always been. I really look up to him and believe that he is very smart and a good person at heart.

Kahn is inspiring to many people like me, I would love to meet him and see the Red Sea, in Indonesia. He is inspiring because he never gave up on what he wanted to accomplish. Benjamin set his mind to clean up the Red Sea and he did. Once he sets a mental goal he completes it, and does it right. He inspires others to chase their dreams, however crazy or out there the dream is. When I am writing about Benjamin Kahn, he makes me want to be the leader and challenge myself to go out in the world and find who I am, and what I love to do and catch it, and never let that dream go. Kahn had his own dream and accomplished what he loved and that is why Benjamin Kahn is so inspiring to others and me.

Benjamin Kahn is a phenomenal hero. If I was him I would be so proud of what I had accomplished. He is the most unbelievable hero because he has done so much as just one person out of everyone else that could've made that difference. If I ever meet Benjamin Kahn I would tell him what an inspiration he is for me. Kahn is such a determined person when he begins to start something. Benjamin Kahn is my hero because he is a spectacular role model, an outstandingly brave person, and an inspiration for so many others. Kahn is all these characteristics not because of his famous success but because of the person he has become at heart and doing the right thing as a person.

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