Benjamin Kahn

by Morgan from Big Lake

I've always been interested in Marine biology and studying it and hopefully going into a job that has to do with aquatic life, this is why I found Benjamin Kahn's story totally awesome and inspiring. Benjamin and his father would go snorkeling down in the Red Sea when Benjamin was younger, cool huh? The problem though was when he revisited the same area in 2000 it wasn't the same anymore. The once colorful coral reef full of vibrant fish and clear water was now dirty and looked dead, even the reef itself wasn't as strong as it once was back in the day. Completely shocked Benjamin decided the stand up and do something about this.

Benjamin has made a living out of something he loves which is saving different types of water systems like streams, ponds, lakes, and especially oceans. He is the chairman of Zalul, which is Israel's leading environmental organization that helps bodies of water. The major thing he did was saving the coral reefs down in the Red Sea. Him and a group of people went down and collected garbage that polluted and ruined the reef. To re-grow the part of the reef that was deteriorated he got the help of 5,000 school kids. After a storm, Benjamin and his team went down and brought up little parts of the reef so that the kids could regrow them in the classroom. After the segments of reef were big enough, Benjamin went down with the team and glued them back on.

We need more people in the world like Benjamin Kahn. Our environment is a very delicate thing and we should really focus on trying to take better care of it. You don't need to go out and save the coral reefs though! Just the littlest things can help, even turning the lights off when you leave a room is something positive. I think Benjamin is a good role model for everybody to look up to.

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