Brian Keating

by Lyza from Alberta

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Brian Keating

My hero is Brian Keating. He is my hero because he represents the Crocodile Hunter. He is also my hero because he works at one of my favourite places in the world, the Calgary Zoo, which I visit often. He works in the Calgary Zoo's Conservation Outreach Department.

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When Brian was a kid, he was infatuated with birds and animal skeletons. He liked to collect roadkill. After he was done collecting the roadkill, he would boil the dead animal then he would make sure all of the flesh was clean off of the animal. When he was done, he would try to figure out how the skeleton worked.

Now Brian is older and he has a full-time job working at the Calgary Zoo. He joined the Calgary Zoo in 1981. In 1994 he created the Calgary Zoo's Conservation Outreach Department where he works today. He has appeared as a guest speaker on the CBC radio. He raises money for his Conservation Projects. The Calgary Zoo helps our sister zoo in South America. For five years, the Calgary Zoo has been partnering with the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary in Ghana. Brian refused to leave without seeing the hippos!

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Calgary Zoo

Kathleen Hewitt from Reader's Digest magazine nominated Brian as Hero of the Year because of his environmental efforts. Brian also got another award for his outstanding work in the Province of Alberta. For that he received an Alberta Centennial Award. This happened on January 2006, in Canada.

I hope one day I will meet Brian Keating. I hope you like my paragraph on him. One day his knowledge and his determination will lead him far. To me he is a hero. You never know where his studies will lead him next.

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