Brent McNeil

by Colby from Prescott

Brent McNeil (personal photo collection)
Brent McNeil (personal photo collection)

My dad, Brent McNeil, is the best. He helps the environment by making drinking water. My dad also saves the ocean. No more raw sewage. My dad built a machine, the machine makes drinking water.

My dad helps people. He lets animals drink clean water. My Dad is able to do just about anything mechanical. He was the best person at his work. Because of his accomplishments, he got to make the machine that made drinking water.

My dad is probably the best person because he is nice to other people that he would see. If you would see what I see every day you would be amazed by my dad.

If you were to meet my dad you would like him. I don’t just love him, I love him because he helps the world. If you want to be like my dad always remember to help the environment.

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