Barack Obama

by Anne-Helene from Redon, France

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A hero in real life can be anyone. For me he is someone who is clever, responsible, courageous, respectful and caring, someone who works hard for something and tries his best for everything. He is someone who is willing to do anything for others.

Barack Obama possesses all these qualities. He is clever because he graduated from Harvard Law School. Barack Obama proved his generosity when he was a young man because he helped rebuild buildings in Chicago. He worked as a lawyer and he helped students of the University of Chicago. For me he is a hero because he is determined. He was then the first African-American President ever elected in the USA ,on November 4, 2008. He represents the whole the black nation. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in October, 2009. He believes that together we can make a better world. This man is not a man like any other, it is good. He loves his wife and his children more than anything. He shows, by the way he looks at them, that he loves them and wants to protect them. Maybe he will win the elections again in November and will continue to do things well for others.

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