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Captain Bill Pinkney

by Brandon from Wyandanch

Captain Bill Pinkney sailing (Flicker (Bill Pinkney ))
Captain Bill Pinkney sailing (Flicker (Bill Pinkney ))

Captain Billl Pinkney was born on September, 15, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois United States. His mother's name was Marion and his father's name was William. He attened a pubilc school. He graduated high school. He learned how to sail on lake Michgan. His hero growing up was him mom because she kept him and his sister ''housed, fed, and clothed with limited means''.

After high school Bill Pinkney served in the United States navy for 8 years. He has always had a passion about sailing and the navy let him continue that. He has also been a make up arists and a maketing manger. He decided on his own that he wanted to sail around the world.

His character traits that I admire are humor and bravery because he traveled all around the world with a boat. I think he can be considered a hero because he was brave to go all around the world alone. He survived two hurricanes at the same time! He does not have a foundation, or an organization but, he does work with all different kids around the world. Captain Bill Pinkney achieved many things.

Captain Bill Pinkney is my hero because he traveled around the world with dangerous conditions. He had a goal and he achieved it.

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