George Bernard Shaw

by Kharissa from Palmer

"Find enough clever things to say, and you're a Prime Minister; write them down and you're a Shakespeare." Bernard Shaw.
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw is a famous writer who was born in Dublin around 1856. He founded the Fabian Society, an English political party. George Bernard Shaw was an aggressive and energetic public speaker. He used these speaking styles in his plays. Some of his most famous plays are: The Perfect Wagnerite, The Quintessence of Ibsenism, and Widower's Houses. Shaw is my hero because he was not afraid to speak his mind, and write what he felt.


Many of Shaw's plays reflected his childhood. His father was a drunkard and his mother a singer. When he was just short of his sixteenth birthday, his mother left with his sister. His father then sent him to school, which Shaw hated profoundly. So he became a theatre critic.


Soon after he becoming a theatre critic, he quite and became a director of a progressive private new-play society called The Independent Theatre. He wrote many plays there, that he hoped to be produced. Sadly, the theatre only chose to produce a handful. These plays included: The Arms and The Man, and Mrs. Warren's Profession. Arms and the Man  In 1898, after a pretty serious illness, Shaw resigned as theatre critic, and married Charlotte Payne-Townsend they were married until 1943 when Charlotte died.


Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Quote by George Bernard Shaw

After he began his career as a novelist at the theatre of Ibsen. He wrote and performed many plays, such as Quintessence of Ibsenism in 1891. Some of his earlier plays were called Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant, and these included: Widower's Houses and Mrs. Warren's Profession. Some of his more popular plays were: The Widower's Houses, Heartbreak House, and Why She Would Not.


In 1925 Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Then in 1950, Shaw died at the age of 94. George Bernard Shaw is my hero because he represents hope. Hope that even though you grew up in rough situations you can still become whatever you want to become. Shaw is also my hero because of his funny pokes at politics, and his amazingly deep quotes.

George Bernard Shaw had a rough life as he grew up, his parents got divorced, his dad made him go to school and work as a merchant, but Shaw over came these. I thought this showed that no matter the circumstance you can overcome it all and come out of the situation a winner. That is just one of the reasons that he is my hero. He is also my hero because I have a deep love for acting, and he taught me that you may be the underdog now, but sooner or later you will be on top. Shaw was someone who liked to poke fun at politics and vent about his life through his writings. He was a founder of the Fabian Society. Shaw was also a very energetic and charismatic speaker/writer. He is my hero because of his powerful writings, and his witty personality.


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