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Clara Barton

by Ayet from Lincoln

A Portrait of Clara Barton By Ayet <br> (I drew this picture.)
A Portrait of Clara Barton By Ayet
(I drew this picture.)

Picture Clara riding out into the Civil War battlefield. Picking up wounded soldiers. Nursing people for them. Helping the best you can. Clara Barton was born in Oxford, Massachusetts on Christmas Day in the year 1821. She was a brave person to me. She was never married. Her first career was as a teacher. Clara‘s real name is Clarissa. Clara parent’s names were Sara and Stephen Barton. By the time you are done reading this biography you will know about Clara Barton.

In the year 1881 Clara found the one and only America Red Cross. She was also the first president of this organization in the year 1904. She started her life at the age of 16, she taught for 10 years. Clara was very brave because she rode out into the battlefield to pick up wounded soldiers. In the Civil War, Clara was called, “ Angel in the battlefield.” Her work began in April 1861.

Her brother fell off the roof once. It helped her become a nurse because the doctors said of him, “He is going to died.” But she nursed him till he got better. It took her 2 years to do that. Her work was useful. Doctors said she should become a nurse.

In 1869 Clarissa had a physical break down. A doctor said to go to Europe to rest and relax. So, she went to Europe. She stayed there for four years. When she went back to USA, Miss Clara worked hard day and night. Even if Clara was the youngest in her family, she worked very hard.

She never went to school. Her brother and sister help her learn and study. Now you know about Clara Barton’s life.

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