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Bessie Coleman

by Roxanne from Ottawa

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Bessie Coleman

I was the first black woman to become a pilot. I fought for black rights. Do you know who I am? I’m Bessie Coleman.

I was born in 1921 on June 15. I was born in Texas at the edge of a small town. I had to go to France to learn French to get my pilot license. Right after I got it, I started to fly. I flew all around the world, but I crashed and I died. I was adventurous because I travelled everywhere. I was smart because I worked hard to get my license.

My mom’s name was Susan and she was probably a slave. My dad was three-quarters Indian. Life was very hard so they made Jim Crow rules so now black people would have the same rights as white people. My mom and dad had 13 kids, so I to babysit all the time. In my day, black people didn’t have as good jobs as white people. I changed the world and proved that black people should have the same rights as white people. My name is Bessie Coleman. I was the first black pilot. Now the world is for everyone.

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