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Christopher Columbus

by Freddy from Colorado

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451, in Genoa as Christopher. The reason why I think Christopher Columbus is a hero is because he was the one to discover land when everybody thought that the world was flat. And he thought different.

Christopher Columbus was a hero because when everybody thought that the world was flat he thought different. He stood up against everyone that laughed at him just because he said the world was round and not flat.

I consider him a hero because he came back to prove to other people that there is other land and that the world was not flat but round. So he set sail on three boats to find other land.

When Christopher Columbus found land. He explored the island and met people who Christopher Columbus thought were Indians from India. After they met he took food to take back to his home.

Before he died he set sail one more time to find more land and ended up stranded on an Island. The island he was stranded was Jamaica and he waited to be rescued. That’s why I consider Christopher Columbus a hero because he didn’t give up when people thought the world was flat and he thought different. And got marooned on an island for along time.

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