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Christine Young

by Lauren from North Carolina

My grandma, Christine Young, is my hero because of her amazing recovery from cancer that I was inspired to give up. She as lived in Archdale North Carolina all of her life and she wasn’t ready to leave there yet. Before she was diagnosed with cancer I saw her as normal grandmother who did everyday things. The thought of my grandma being my hero never crossed my mind until I was told that she might not have much longer to live

When Ms. Young began her radiation treatments I learned that her mental and emotional strength were much stronger than her physical strength. She would always cheer me up when I got upset about her cancer. She seemed to be more worried about the people around her rather than her own survival. She never showed any fear while she had her treatments and this gave me strength to help her get through this and get on with her life.

Ms. Young had many tough days that she had to over come; such as the days when she could barley even walk. To get through these days she said, “God kept me determined to beat my cancer.” She knew that she had God on her side and even if she didn’t make, it, she was on her way to a better place. She knew her doctor well and had faith that her survival was his main focus.

There many times when Ms. Young was scared while she had cancer. When I asked her about the scariest time she said, “The scariest time was when I was going into surgery. It was my first surgery and I didn’t know what to expect. The fear of the unknown was devastating”. The moment when the doctor told her she had cancer was also devastating to her. She didn’t know much about cancer and was nervous about what was going to happen. This also interested me and I decided to learn more about this cancer.

I have learned so much from my grandmother and I know that many others have, too. She showed me that if you believe in yourself and God you can get through any tough situation. She gave me and many other people the hope and faith that we needed to believe that we can accomplish anything.

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