Angels Heroes

Carole Adams

by Jacob from Pickerington

Be mild and sweet in all your ways. Keep patience at your side. Show fond affection everyday. -Grandma Carole J. Adams
Grandma (My computer)
Grandma (My computer)
My Definition of Being a Hero
A hero to me is someone who goes out of their way to help people and is always there to make you happy when you're not
Is it Important to Have a Hero?
I'd say that it's important to have a hero, because most heroes to people are parents. Some people probably have a hero but the don't realize it yet. If you don't have a hero or don't want one, it's okay because you'll eventually find one. Everybody has one whether they want one or not.
My Personal Hero
My hero is my Grandma Carole from my Dad's side. I've grown up with her and she's always loved me. She always listened to me when I called her to say what achievements I've done. When my family went to visit her she would just talk to me or just play cards. She was a nurse and she always knew what to do when I hurt myself. After I lost tennis matches, got a bad grade, or when I was just sad she always knew how to make me smile, and that's why she's my hero. Unfortunately, last summer she passed away due to kidney failure. Even though she isn't here with me physically, she is always with me spiritually and that's very comforting.
Hall of Fame
My Grandma Carole is a big hero in my life and I think she should be honored and inducted into the Hero Hall of Fame. When she was healthy, she would always call me to talk and I'd like it! Most teenagers don't enjoy visiting their grandparents or talking to them on the phone, but you'd enjoy that if your grandma was like mine. All she wants to do is make you happy and have fun with you. If you're tired, she'll let you sleep in and if you're sick she'll take good care of you! Since she was a nurse, she loves making people feel better, and she's good at it too. She's great with children too, because she has 7 children, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Always remember to love your grandparents as much as you can now and really appreciate all they do before you regret you didn't.
My computer
My computer
1. Who was her hero and why?
"Her Dad because he was always someone to count on, remained a faithful father, and comforted her very much."
2. How did she feel about her job as a nurse?
"She loved it very much and was very compassionate. She gave more than just medicine, she gave advice and back rubs to her patients, she cared for them."
3. Was she strict when parenting? Explain.
"No, she wasn't military strict, she taught right from from wrong by living right, but was very easy going."
4. What was her behavior with her grandchildren?
"She loved her grandchildren very much, she gave special nicknames to each one."
5. Who did she admire the most?
"Her brother, David, because he was younger, of course, but she adored him and loved his sense of humor."
6. What was her favorite thing to do?
"She liked spending time with her grandchildren and she liked going shopping and just talking to her grown children."
7. Why do you think she had so many children (seven)?
"She loved children and was very good with them, but she was also a strict Catholic and accepted each child as a gift from God, not planned."
8. Would she consider herself a hero? Why or why not?
"No, because she was very humble and would just say her good deeds were nothing special."
9. Why did she want to be a nurse?
"She enjoyed helping others and she was very compassionate, smart, and well-read."
10. Describe her life in one word.
- Words from my Dad and my Aunt Cathy since my Grandma couldn't be here

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Extra Info

My Grandma was born on July 27th, 1933 and passed away June 17th, 2011. Every Memorial Day my family would all get together at my uncle Dan's house to celebrate and have fun. I'm sure this upcoming Memorial Day weekend we will all think of her and honor her on the day or memory. It's been almost a year now and she will be missed. Nevertheless, the Adams family will still have fun no matter what happens!

Author Info

My name is Jacob Adams, I'm 15 years old and this is my Hero project. I love my grandma very much so I dedicated this to her. I like to hang out with my friends and I like to play tennis.