Angels Heroes

Clara Barton

by Kaylynn from Arcadia

Clara Barton is a true hero. I recently have learned about her life, heroic deeds and have had some thoughts that have really made my brain work. You will enjoy learning about my hero.

Clara Barton had a risky life. She was born on Christmas 1821 in Oxford, Massachusetts. When Miss Barton was seventeen, she became a school teacher. Barton was also a clerk at the U.S. Patent Office. She even demanded the same pay as men!!! During the Civil War, it was her job to get the medical supplies. Barton died on April 12th, 1912 in Glen Echo, Maryland when she was 90.

There are many heroic deeds Miss Barton accomplished. She risked her life to rescue poor soldiers on the battlefield. When the soldiers got shot, Clara Barton would take the bullets out. Near the end of the war, Clara set up a search party to look for the missing fighters. Miss Barton also founded the American Red Cross. Barton helped the survivors of a gigantic flood in Pennsylvania as well.

Learning about Clara Barton has really made me think. Miss Barton was really brave to save the wounded soldiers. She really cares about other people! I wish I could be just like her.

A great hero to know about is Clara Barton. Her life and heroic deeds have provoked some great thoughts in me. She is my hero!

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