Angels Heroes

Clara Barton

by Charlene from Arcadia

Clara Barton is a true hero. I recently learned about her life, heroic deeds, and have had some thoughts that make my brain work. You’ll enjoy learning about my hero.

Clara Barton had a caring life. She was born on December 25, 1821. That was Christmas day. Sadly, she died when she was 90 years old on April 12, 1912.

There are many heroic deeds that Ms. Barton accomplished. She invented our Red Cross which is still here today. She risked her life to save many soldiers in need. She took care of her brother when he fell off the roof.

Learning about Clara Barton made me think. She was a kind person who treated people the way she wanted to be treated. Did you know she was a Christian? That’s where she got the cross from.

A great hero to know is Clara Barton. Her life and heroic deeds had provoked some great thoughts in me. She is my hero.

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