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Clara Barton

by Cindy from Arcadia

Clara Barton is a hero. She led a risky adulthood, accomplished some brave, heroic deeds, and has me think hard. Miss Barton is my hero.

Clara Barton’s life was full of good deeds. Barton was born in 1821, on Christmas Day in a cozy city of North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her birth name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton, but it was more convenient to call her plain Clara Barton. Though she was a young, shy child, she liked helping. For instance, Barton nursed her injured brother until he was well. She was a great help. After college, she took a job as a schoolteacher in Massachusetts. Later on, she moved to Washington D.C. in 1854. Determined to get equal pay, she bothered her boss until she got the same pay as the other male workers. Then, the treacherous Civil War broke out.

There were many heroic acts that Clara Barton accomplished during the battles. In the middle of the guns and cannons of war, an angel appeared. It was Clara Barton, ready to heal the hurt. Setting up a tent, she gave herself a job to cook, feed, and comfort soldiers, especially the injured ones. When she was nursing, she took bullets out of the brave and weak warriors and even held their hands when they were dying and in pain. While the male nurses fled in fear, she kept on nursing. She was given the nickname, “the Angel of the Battlefield.” After the Civil War was over, Clara Barton urged the government to allow her to set up an office to find missing soldiers in Europe. In 1869, her wish was granted. She traveled to Europe, joining the International Red Cross to search for the warriors. When Barton went back home, she was inspired to start the American Red Cross. Her organization has assisted people in major and famous disasters. Though Clara Barton died on April 12, 1912, in Glen echo, Maryland at 90 years of age, her enthusiasm lives on in the present American Red Cross.

Learning about Clara Barton has inspired me to think much about her. She was brave to stay on the battlefields of the Civil War when she knew she might die any minute. She had truly amazing skills in healing, though she didn’t even go to medical school. Barton was AMAZING!

One great hero in this world was Clara Barton. Learning about her life and heroic deeds has given me much to ponder. She was a hero, and she still is MY hero!

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