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Clara Barton

by Baylee from San Diego

"The patriot blood of my father was warm in my veins." - Clara Barton
Clara Barton ( ())
Clara Barton ( ())

"The door that nobody else will go in at, seems always to swing open widely for me!", says Clara Barton. Who would have known that Barton would one day become one of the greatest heroes of time by taking an opportunity that most women were afraid to take? Clara was born and raised in Massachusetts by two intelligent parents with good morals. Later in life, she volunteered to be a teacher for free so that all children could have an education. Her caring attitude continued when the Civil War began. When Clara heard about hundreds of soldiers dying in the war due to disease, open wounds, and lack of medical help, she knew she wanted to help. Barton became one of the first women to ever volunteer to work on the battlefields. Though society never allowed it, there was an exception for Clara Barton and she was finally able to nurse those wounded in war. After many years of saving lives, Clara came up with a plan to start an emergency rescue foundation, which is now called the American Red Cross today. She has truly changed the world just by standing up and volunteering to help. Ever since she was a child, she knew she wanted to be at the service of others and now she is remembered as a hero. Her brave journey saved thousands of lives all over the nation and continues to do so today. Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross, is a hero because of her courage, innovation, and her kind heart.

Clara Barton showed the world that one person can truly make a difference as long as they have the courage to do so. Before the Civil War, Clara was a woman full on bravery and she knew that she wanted to do something that no other women had ever wanted to do. "After all, no woman had ever been allowed near the battlefield. But Persistence paid off and a pass was finally issued" (Clara Barton Historic). Clara Barton was full of courage and was never afraid to stand out. No women had ever tried to work on the battle fields, but Clara was brave and knew she could help. When Barton first heard that many soldiers were dying by bleeding to death, becoming ill, or by infectious wounds, she immediately took a stand. Because of Clara's bravery and heroism, she was not afraid to step up and help the dying soldiers. Barton brought aid to their wounds and even helped cure their illnesses. Her courage drove her to want to always be at the service of others. Even after the war had ended, Clara was brave enough to volunteer to help any of those affected on the battlefield. "After the end of the war in 1865, Barton helped locate missing soldiers, find and mark thousands of graves, and testified in Congress regarding her experiences during the war" (Wages). Clara Barton was never one to stand behind and watch as others went through pain and hardships. She showed much courage as she volunteered to take responsibility to find missing soldiers and come to the aid of those who were hurt. She was never afraid to be a leader and do what most people would never think of doing. With a persistent attitude to never give up, she finally got the pass to pursue her goals of helping the wounded and ill. Clara Barton shows true heroism by her bravery to step up and be one of the first women to ever work at the aid of those who fought for our country.

Clara Barton, Founder of American Red Cross ( ())
Clara Barton, Founder of American Red Cross ( ())

Clara Barton uses innovation and creative thinking to come up with the plan to start the American Red Cross foundation. Clara had come up with an amazing idea to start an emergency assistance foundation and she then set her life goal to make it happen. "In May of that year, she wrote a letter to Louis Appia in Geneva, Switzerland, requesting permission to promote the Red Cross in the United States" (Clara Barton Historic). Clara Barton used bravery and her devotion to others to come up with an innovative plan to make a foundation that would  be at the aid to those in need. Clara worked hard for years and spent much time traveling the world raising money to start the American Red Cross. Barton portrays true heroism as she devoted herself to saving the lives of others. This innovative thought led to many lives being saved and many soldiers reunited with their families. Clara Barton single handedly changed the world. During the War, Clara had put so much work into her goals of starting a foundation that would save the lives of others. "In 1880 the American Red Cross was established, the culmination of a decade of work by Barton" (Civil War Trust). Clara Barton knew from the start that she wanted to make a difference and be a heroic leader. She successfully reached these goals by coming up with an idea that would forever change our nation. Barton created the American Red Cross which brought emergency assistance and aid to those in need. She stayed dedicated to this foundation and worked a whole decade for it to form, but it all paid off in the end. Clara Barton spreads her heroism around the worlds as she saves thousands of lives. Barton's innovation of the Red Cross had changed our nation and saved many of those in need.

Barton after founding the American Red Cross ( ())
Barton after founding the American Red Cross ( ())

Clara Barton shows her heroism by using her kind heart to volunteer and help those affected by the Civil War. When Clara was a child, she was raised in a family of two intelligent parents who taught her good life values. "The values of hard work were wed to her character at any early age within an industrious farm family. Barton began to define her self-worth through her service to others" (Clara Barton Historic). Even at a young age, Clara Barton always had a strong passion to be at the service of others. She always wanted to help those who were less fortunate than her and save those whose lives were in pain. Barton proved her kind heart as she volunteered to teach a school for free so that any child could have an education. Later in her life, she devoted her kind heart to helping the wounded soldiers in war. Her largest accomplishment of creating the American Red Cross foundation truly shows how much she cared to save the lives of others. After the War had ended, Clara still felt that she could do more to help the wounded or killed soldiers. "To assist in this enormous task, Barton established the Bureau of Records of Missing Men of the Armies of the United States and published Rolls of Missing Men to be posted across the country. It was at her insistence that the anonymous graves at Andersonville prison were identified and marked" (Civil War Trust). Clara Barton had a huge heart and devoted her life to being at the aid for others. She cared about every single life and stayed persistent in wanting each missing man found. She insisted on identifying each anonymous graved that marked a Civil War veteran. This shows how much Clara cared for people. She went out of her way to make a difference and honors the lives of those who served our country. Clara Barton even went out of her way to bring supplies to soldiers and help the wounded. Most people would have done nothing at all, but Clara's kind heart never wanted others to go through pain. She honored those who fought for our country and she thought it was only right to try to help them in return. This shows her lifelong devotion to being at the service of those in need. Clara's kind heart and passionate attitude lead her to accomplish her goals of saving of lives.

Clara Barton is truly a hero to all people around the world. Her heroism has inspired people to stand up and take action for our nation, even if society does not agree. She teaches the world that helping others in need is a key in life. Barton shows that it is important to give back to those who have worked so hard to serve our country. Clara Barton will always be remembered for having courage, innovation, and a kind heart that inspired so many people around the nation. She truly touched the hearts of the people by caring so much for the war veterans and those serving our country. She even cared enough to start a whole foundation dedicated to rescuing innocent people in emergencies. Her hard work led her to success of founding the American Red Cross foundation. Clara didn't just want to be different, she wanted to save lives and rescue the courageous soldiers of the war. Barton's bravery helped her to accomplish all of this. She set goals in life, to be the first women working on the battlefields, to rescue soldiers, and to start a foundation that would save thousands of people. Her journey to achieve her dreams was anything, but easy. However, the way Clara always stayed so determined inspires the world to never give up in what you believe in doing. Barton put pride and dignity in everything she did and never once backed down. Clara once said, "I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them." Her passion, love, and service to others has truly inspired the world to make a difference. Barton's determination and actions have proved that one woman can make a difference and become an honored hero. Clara Barton will forever be remembered as an "angel on the battlefield" and a hero in the hearts of thousands of people.


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