Angels Heroes

Cheri Cecil

by Jessica from Elgin

Everyone has that person that they look up too; who they want to be like when they get older; and someone who will always have your back no matter what. This person for me is my grandma, Cheri Cecil. My grandmother took care of me when I was little. She has helped me with difficult situations, and have been through crazy hard situations and she still is the happiest and most joyful person I know. Throughout my life I have gained so much respect and love for her and it continues to grow everyday. There are so many qualities that my grandmother has that makes her a hero, almost too many to count.

Throughout my grandma's life she has been through everything. By the stories I have been told I know that she has especially had hard times with marriage. My grandma has had three marriages that would have been unbearable to the normal person, but my grandma isn't the normal person. In her first marriage, she fell in love with my mother's dad. They were an adorable couple and had two beautiful children. When my mother was in college my grandma and grandpa split because of my grandpa's anger-management problems. After that broke off she took a break from dating and later on found love in a new man. This marriage did not last long because he died of a stroke. After this she met a man and ended up marrying him. His name was Charlie Cecil. He had two daughters and from his two daughters I have grown up with a loving, big, extended family. My grandpa Charlie and my grandma Cheri were two peas in a pod and had unconditional love for each other. About four years ago my grandpa was diagnosed with colon cancer. This crushed my grandma but she was a trooper through it all. She grew stronger in her faith and really showed how strong she was with the whole situation. Two years ago my grandpa found his place in heaven and passed because of his cancer. My grandma was lost without her right hand man with her. They house they built was now empty without him. Through all of this my grandma stayed strong and has shown me that she is a true hero of this world we live in.

Everything my grandmother does is heroic. She continues to amaze me everyday. She always gives and gives and gives to other people and doesn't expect anything in return. Whenever my mom needs her or whenever I need her see hops into her car and drives an hour out of her way just to help us with whatever we need. Just last week she had to cancel her annual trip to Florida because the person she normally goes with broke her hip. My grandma is now with the women taking care of her until her hip is better. God is another person that is a big part of my grandmother's life and I think that is why she handles all that she does with a smile; because she believes that it is all apart of God's plan. This is another thing that I look up to her for, I hope to have a close relationship to God like she does throughout my life.

Thinking about it now my grandmother has done so much for me. From taking care of me when I was little to driving me to school some days now. Her and I have talked about a ton of different topics and I have heard her views and opinions on everything from religion to dog breeds. Talking with her, she has extremely wise views on everything and I hope to be like her when I grow up. I feel like I am like her already in many ways today, I can hear and see it when we talk in the car or see each other on holidays and when she is in town. From these talks both her and I are strong willed and we both do not lead on when we are feeling bad. My grandma and I both care for others well. The two of us both have many of the same views on problems and other topics we have talked about.

Growing up my grandma took care of me while my parents were working, she is now taking care of my uncle, a single dad's, kids. This is only one of the many reasons that my grandmother is my hero. With all the many problems, gifts, and other events that have happened to her she has always stayed calm and put together. She is an angel and I cannot believe I was so blessed to have her in my life mentoring me. I do not think many people get to have as cool of a hero as I do.

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