Explorers Heroes

Christopher Columbus

by J.R. from Fort Morgan

If you like American History then listens to this! Christopher Columbus was a brave man and followed his ideas. Well he was a sailor, sailing from Spain trying to find an all water route to America. Then became famous for it.

When Christopher Columbus was sailing he was the kind of person who was determined. When he was on a voyage [mission] on sea or land he never stopped. One day while on a mission in South America he and his crew were captured. While He was captured he and his crew had to learn the Indian's language. He and his crew had difficulties learning it but they did and talked to the Indians and left Then finished his mission

Christopher Columbus was born in the year of 1451 in an Italy city called Genoa Italy. When he was little he lived on land because his parents decided to move and grew up in Genoa. He lived most life in Venice, Italy, becoming a teen. Growing up he had a sailors mind because he always wanted to sail. So when became an adult he moved away from Venice and even farther from Genoa, Italy, and lived by the Mediterranean Sea.

My hero is one type of a hero. He is an “explorer hero,” he is an explorer hero because He was always on the move. What I mean is he’s always trying to found out things that No one ever knew before. He also is an explorer hero because he was mostly on a mission Most of his adult life. He also once proved that the world wasn’t flat. He once was on a Mission, back home to tell the king and queen about some things that he discovered on Earth and had to go through a bad storm. That’s the kind of hero I think Christopher Columbus is.

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