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Christopher Columbus

by Ioannis

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I think being a hero is hard work because they have to be kind, polite, responsible, smart, strong, good, and care about others. They also are brave hard working and peaceful. Heroes help the world!!! For example Heroes are smart because they study a lot. That's why I think being a hero is hard work.

Christopher Columbus was a sailor and he discovered America. First of all he is important because he found new land for people to live in. Second of all he brought gold back to Spain. This is important because the King and Queen let him use the boats again. Last of all he sailed to the west. This is important because he inspired other sailors to explore. That's why I think Christopher Columbus is a hero.

Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. His father was a weaver. Columbus always dreamed of sailing out to sea. In 1486 Columbus made his first voyage to sell cloth. Columbus was also a mapmaker for his brother. In 1486 he asked the queen of Spain for three ships but she said "no." Then in early 1492 the Queen of Spain agreed to help. The Queen of Spain gave Columbus three ships, the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. In 1492 Columbus started sailing west. Finally after 71 days he landed somewhere in the Americas. He thought he landed in India. He later took four trips to the island. Christopher Columbus died in Spain in 1506.

Columbus faced four challenges. First he tried to force the Queen to give him three ships. Second of all he passed through very bad weather. Third of all he forced the sailors to not turn back. The last challenge was his ships sank because of Italian pirates.

Maybe you want to be a hero. I do. To be a hero you have to be strong, brave, and good at a lot of things. Like Christopher Columbus, he was a great sailor and he discovered America. To do this he had to be brave, strong and smart.

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