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christopher columbus

by Lisa from Mexico

Consider, Decide, Do!

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa. He was son of a marriage of humble weavers: Diego, Doménico or Domingo Colombo, and Susana Fontanarrosa, were his parents. Since he was a boy, he was interested in navigation. In 1477, when he lived in Lisbon, Portugal. In 1484, when the passing away of his wife occurred, he traveled with his son to Spain, and resided in the Convent of the Rábida. He went back to Spain, where he asked them to give him permission and money to go to discover the new grounds. There, the king heard him. He have him three caravels, (La Niña, La Pinta, and la Santa Maria), and after some time Columbus arrived in America, but he didn't know it. He stayed there for a while, and after some time he discovered the 'real' America.

I think he is a hero because he discovered America. If he had not discovered America, we would not know America, nor why the world is round, and not flat, as people thought before Christopher Columbus discovered America. Well, I think that people considered him a hero because he made others realize that the world was round and not flat. Also, he made people realize where America is. And made its inhabitants know where on the globe they lived. I also think that he is a big and good hero. How did Christopher Columbus change my life? I think that he has changed my life by letting me know that the place where I live is named America. I think he has changed my personality by getting me to reflect. I think he changed my world by getting people to know where they live and in what part of the world they live. I think he changed my community by letting them know where they live as well. How did the world benefit from his discovery? Well, I think that the world has benefited from him by making using his discoveries to promote trade.

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