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Christopher Columbus

by Czedrik from Las Vegas

A painting of Christopher Columbus
A painting of Christopher Columbus

My hero is Christopher Columbus. He was born on 1451 and died May 20 1506. He lived for 55 years. He was a navigator at his early age. He got curious about Marco Polo and he wanted to know what Asia was like. So he got permission from the Queen of Spain. He got a crew and left looking for Asia.

They found land
They found land

It was night and Christopher Columbus was ready for his first voyage- Aug. 3, 1492- with three ships Santa Maria, Pinta and the Nina. They were at sea for about a month until they found land. They had landed in the Bahamas. After he left around a week later they had found land again. Around the northern coast of Cuba. And after couple of weeks finding land he went back home to Spain.

September 24, 1943 Christopher Columbus was ready for his second voyage, this time with about 17 ships with supplies and ready to find new territory. And they did at a rugged island and named it Dominica. During that day he also landed in another island and called it Santa Maria la Galante. And a lot more. After all that he left and went back to Spain.

May 30, 1498 his 3rd voyage. He has 6 ships to sail to the “New World”. He sailed to a land known as Trinidad on July 3. He took time exploring the Gulf of Paria. Then he went back home to Spain. They did so many voyages to the New World and finding land.

And then he died May 20, 1506. And his name will be remembered. We celebrate Columbus Day just because of him. He is my hero because he found a lot of land and I like exploring. He inspires me by making want to explore.

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