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Christopher Columbus

by Justin from Alabama

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is a famous explorer who has been given credit for finding the Americas. He was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451. His dream was to find a water route to India. He was known as a well respected captain by his crew. After his dream expedition was turned down by many other countries, he finally found hope he could make the expedition with help from Spain.

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Replicas of the Nina, Pinta,and Santa Maria

With Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand's approval, he went on his fateful first trip in 1492. He took three ships: the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. In October of that year, he reached what he thought was part of India, but what was really an island in the Caribbean Sea. He went on four expeditions to the Americas, but still could not find a way to the Indian Ocean. In 1502, he made it as far as the eastern coast of Central America. Columbus reached America on his third voyage, which lasted from 1498 to 1500.

He took up role of Governor of Hispaniola in 1494. Because of his poor management of Hispaniola, he returned from this as a prisoner, but was later released. His fourth expedition had many problems, mainly storms. After three days of praying to see land, the crew reached America. To Columbus, this land was like a savior risen from the sea.

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Portrait of Columbus

He returned from his expeditions, and died in Valladolid of arthritis and gout. He was buried in eastern Hispaniola, now called the Dominican Republic. As a result of Columbus's voyages, Spain earned a rich legacy. The Spaniards gained a lot from the natives there. Spain also experienced a Golden Age until the end of the 17th century. The widely published report of his voyage in 1492 gave him the nickname 'Admiral of the Sea.' As a reward for his voyages and discoveries, the Spanish Sovereign granted him the right to bear arms. Christopher Columbus has been known as a hero for his discoveries, and has been celebrated every year on Columbus Day, in October, the day that marks his arrival in the new world.

In my opinion, I think that without Columbus, we might not have ever been born in America. He is a hero because he kept going for his goal. He tried his hardest to make his dream come true.

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