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Christopher Columbus

by Gabriel from Brea

There are many American heroes in world and Christopher Columbus is one of those heroes. He went on many adventurous, exciting and dangerous voyages, but his most famous discovery was finding the Americas. Christopher Columbus also expanded Christianity throughout everywhere he went. Although he did those amazing acts for America some people consider him to be an awful person. There are many reasons why people might consider him to be a awful person , but there are many acts he has done to make him seem good too. It is very important to realize his true bravery and the contributions that he has done.

When he was a teenager he participated in several trading voyages in the Mediterranean and Aegean sea. Although Christopher Columbus is famous for finding the Americas, he wasn't the first to find it. His main contribution was find, settle and stay in the new lands. He found many domains, like present day Bahamas, Cuba, Hispaniola, Dominica, Guatemala and Jamaica. This is one of the reasons president Roosevelt made Columbus day in 1937.

Christopher Columbus spread Christianity wherever he went. when he went to explore and discover new lands he would tell them to become Christian and to spread Christianity. He did this so the next generation would pass it on and on. He also discovered water routes that would eventually lead to colonization in North America. Although he did that many people think he is a monster.

A lot of people think he's a monster and that he just harmed a people. One reason was that he enslaved a lot of people that he found when he discovered new places then he would take them anywhere people wanted slaves. He also demanded that the natives hand over their men, gold, and food. Before he got all of the slaves the natives rebelled, so he ordered his men to attack. Those are the reasons people believe that he is a monster. Although he did all those thing he also did many other great things.

Although he didn't do much and wasn't that nice in the way he did what he did, Christopher Columbus is still one of our greatest voyagers to live. If it weren't for him we probably wouldn't have found America until another twenty or forty years. Christopher Columbus is truly a brave American hero for risking his life at sea to find new land for us to colonize in. Many people don't believe he helped America and that he just killed people that he found or enslaved them, but he did much more than that. That is why he is a hero.

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