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Christopher Columbus

by Andrew from Roxboro


My hero is Christopher Columbus. No one is quite sure where he was born, but most people say he was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451. Christopher helped start voyages to the new world. The new world would not have been found without him.

Christopher Columbus's early life is only known by his writings. He had gone to the sea as early as the age of 10. During Columbus's early years Europeans were having trouble trading with China, and India. The Portuguese began sailing around Africa to get to China and India. Columbus proposed a route westward to get to China and India. Most experts did not agree with him. They said any voyage westward would be too long.


In 1485 Columbus asked King John II of Portugal to pay for his voyage. He was turned down. He tried to ask again and was rejected. He also asked Genoa and Venice, was also turned down. Finally in 1486 Columbus asked King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile and they agreed to pay his way.

Finally in 1492 he made it to the west. He discovered San Salvador. He died after his fourth voyage in 1506.

Christopher Columbus is a hero because he discovered the new world. He never gave up when he was turned down by kings and queens. He had to ask many different people. He did something that forever changed our history.

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