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Captain Cook

by Lam from Traralgon

Captain Cook (
Captain Cook (

Hero: Captain Cook

Captain James Cook inspired people by making them become explorers around the world and he wanted people to be like him and explore like him because they like how he explored around the world and I found that he saved his ship called the  Endeavour.

How has your hero improved other's lives? Captain Cook taught people how to become a explorer because he did not want to be the only famous explorer who was living around the world.

Captain Cook was the first person that set foot in New South Wales at Botany Bay and I learned that Captain Cook named his ship the Endeavour and that Captain Cook's ship got stuck on a coral reef.

Captain Cook is a hero because he discovered the east coast of Australia. I know that Captain Cook wanted people to explore like him and with his crew and they have to go around the world.

Captain Cook liked to surprise people like how people did that to him That Captain Cook is possibly the greatest explorer in the world and the people who he taught will be like him and maybe they will be the greatest.

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