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by Elizabeth from Springfield

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When I think of a celebrity I think of a movie star or singer who has a lot of money and doesn’t seem to care too much about anything else but their line of work. Cameron Diaz is different, she actually cares about something, she cares about the environment. Cameron Diaz does a lot for the environment, for instance she buys items that are environmentally safe, and she also does public announcements on helping the environment. I believe she understands that the environment is in danger and she is making awareness about how important it is to do something safe for it.

When I say Cameron Diaz buys items that are environmentally safe I mean she buys items that don’t harm the environment. For instance, unlike many celebrities, she bought a Prius Hybrid. A Prius Hybrid is an environmentally safe car because it runs on half electricity and half gas. Cameron also buys recycled clothing such as handbags, which consists of recycled movie billboards, plastic claps and zippers.

Some celebrities make public announcements (commercials) about phone companies, make-up and clothing, however, Cameron makes commercials on how people are affecting and can help global warming. She is working with a warrior. She does a few commercials for them, but also just expresses how she feels about global warming which is also making it publicly aware. One of the commercials she’s been in is for the Toyota Hybrid, the car she owns, and she explains how it helps the environment.

Finally, the last way Cameron makes a difference in global warming is by talking about it. Cameron talks about global warming in interviews all the time, she always takes the time to bring it up and say how she feels. Cameron used to have her own MTV show called “Trippin.’” This discussed global warming; however it only lasted one season. The show still showed viewers to care about the environment and that is all that mattered.

I believe Cameron Diaz is a hero for taking the time to show people how the world is being affected by global warming. She’s also not only saying something about it, she’s doing something about it. She is definitely showing people that anyone can help the world, even if its just by doing something small. Cameron Diaz is a hero to me.


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