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Clara McBride Hale

by Jazzmin from Glendale, California

Clara Hale was a very loving and generous kind of person, especially to many foster children she has cared for in her life. Clara Hale has touched so many hearts; she just gave up her life to take care of children and shared her home with many children. First of all I think she is really a great heroic woman because she started off losing her husband in 1938, to having problems paying bills, and trying to get her kids a good education for the future. All of a sudden she wanted to foster other kids that aren't her own as a licensed foster parent. This woman is my hero because she cares so much about children and she would never refuse a child in NEED! I really admire this woman; she was a miracle worker.

Clara Hale was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She has suffered through many things in her lifetime. She became an orphan at 16, and a widow at the age of 27. She only had her children, and she kept them close. She adopted a third child, and raised him as her own child. She became known as Mother Hale to everyone in her neighborhood. Then Clara Hale created the foundation called"The Hale House" in 1985. Over the years Mother Hale received more than 370 awards. Her life then ended on December 18, 1992 with a great feeling in her heart that she changed peoples lives. But even though she died her daughter, Lorraine carried on her dream.

Clara McBride Hale influenced my life so much. She went through many things throughout her lifetime and still saved and changed so many lives. I came really close to being in Foster Care, but I'm not saying it's a bad thing but no one actually knows who's going to be their new foster parent and how they will treat them. Not all people have a generous and loving heart like Clara so that's why she's my hero. Maybe when I grow up I'll consider being a foster parent to save at least one child's life. My heart has really been touched by her and so have many others been touched by her story of being a foster mother and having over 800 children in her custody.

Clara Hale once said, "If you can't hold [children] in your arms, please hold them in your heart." What I think she's trying to say is always love children and have a piece of your heart for them. She always loved children so she wants others to love children because they are not bad and she was a woman who truly loved and cared for kids. If she were here I would thank her for changing the way people think and the way they live because everyone was once a child so that's a reason to help and love one. She is a true American Hero that loved children with all her heart!

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