Angels Heroes

Charles (Chuck) Husted

by Amy from Bellevue

This is poppa
This is poppa

Chuck, who was a beloved grandfather, was my favorite person that I could share everything with. I loved him so much and even though he passed away, he will always be remembered because he will be in our hearts for ever.

Poppa had lung and bladder cancer. The bladder cancer had spread before it had been treated and because of that small bit that got out, he is gone and we won't see him for a very long time, but I now know that his cancer is gone and he is a very healthy angel in heaven.

Poppa lived in Bellevue, WA for a very long time. He was born in Great Flls, MT. He loved it there and I miss him so much. Sniff, sniff...

Poppa was born in 1936. He had three beautiful daughters and one son. They all got married and had children and he had a very happy family because of it.

Poppa was special to me because he was the one person who actually pushed me towards my goals. He was my grandfather as well, but mostly because he loved me, cared about me and pushed me towards my goals.

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