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by Delaney from San Diego

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When someone says hero, for most, Superman and Batman come to mind, but unsung heroes are different. These are the people that go unnoticed in their substantial effects on making the world a better place. Clive Staples Lewis is a powerful example of someone that may not be as well known but changes the lives of people all over the world. C.S. Lewis was arguably one of the most influential, powerful writers of his time. He was born in Ireland and spent a period of his life working at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Lewis wrote over thirty honorary award winning books from fiction to nonfiction Christian apologetics. A hero should be devoted to his work and compassionate to those around them:  Clive was devoted not only to his writings but also to his faith. Compassion is the care and awareness you have for the people around you and all over the world. In the case of C.S. Lewis, he goes above and beyond to inspire those who need it most. C.S. Lewis, a well-known speaker and author, is an inspirational hero because he is devoted to his faith and shows compassion to the world.

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C.S. Lewis was very devoted not only to his work, but to changing the lives of his readers.  Lewis studiously worked for his audience: "Lewis wrote more than thirty books, allowing him to reach a vast audience, and his works continue to attract thousands of new readers every year" ("About CS Lewis" ). He is committed to working hard and influencing those around him. Lewis knew where he stood with his faith and did a great job of showing people where and why. His powerful work demonstrates the amount of time and effort Lewis puts into his books. Though C.S. experienced tragic times, including the loss of both his parents and fighting in World War 1 in his life he continued to push forward. His life lessons contribute to the richness of his writings. Secondly, Lewis spent a lot of time adapting and changing because of everything going on around him: "While Lewis's intellectual life was extremely active during his middle years, his external life was more settled" (Downing). Lewis was constantly growing and changing spiritually and emotionally. This shows that even though he was very busy he was dedicated to  living through his faith.  Through it all, he prioritized well and set the standards high for living your life for the good of others while accomplishing God's purpose in your life. All in all, Lewis a great example of a hero who was determined to influence vast audiences and accomplish amazing things.

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Clive shows his compassion through the way that he touches the lives of his readers, but made them feel apart of his journey. Because of the way C.S. swept his audience off their feet: "1946: Lewis awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity by the University of St. Andrews" ("The Life of C.S. Lewis"). Clive was known for meeting people where they are and demonstrating grace and compassion through speaking and writing. Therefore by winning this award it shows how respected Lewis was seeing as Martin Luther King also won this award. It also proves the way that he shows his compassion to everyone even at his workplace. Clive was very considerate of those near and far from him: "Jack [the nickname Lewis gave himself] and Paddy pledged to each other that if one of them did not return from the fighting, the other would do his best to look after the parent left behind" (Downing). This shows that, even from an early age, Lewis showed a caring spirit for those around him. He was born with the urge to care about the well being and happiness of others. People crave the love and compassion that Lewis was able to provide and is such a good example of the way we should care for those around us. Lewis was not only respected for the way that he wrote inspiring books, but also genuinely cared for his family, friends and readers.



Lewis as an influential and powerful speaker and writer who devoted his life to God and changing others lives with compassion. He demonstrates such devotion to his work by writing so many life changing books from novels and fictional to Christian literature. C.S. Lewis wrote with passion and affection: "And most recently of all, in America, Lewis's life and books have served as the inspiration for the creation of new college of the great books that bears his name"("The Life of C.S. Lewis"). His well known and extremely well liked books made a difference in many people's lives. As an author Lewis uses his faith as a basis and inspires the world. Day in and day out, Lewis affected the world around him in a variety of  ways: "When we [Warnie and Jack] set out [by motorcycle to the Whipsnade Zoo] I did not believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and when we reached the zoo I did"( "About CS Lewis" ).  He restored the lives of the people around him and was so respected that people were able to connect to him. He is very powerful through his words and gained the respect of people through his writings. Lewis was an inspiration and it is motivating to see how much C.S. accomplished in his lifetime. He was able to reach so many in different places while overcoming hardships of his own. C.S. Lewis left a legacy that will last forever, through his books, but also thanks to his rich love, people now live with a strong faith, making Clive Staples Lewis a hero.

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