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Charles Lindbergh

by Ryan from Liberty Township ( (

Imagine you're flying across the Atlantic alone, cold, and with no sleep. This is what Charles Lindbergh did and more. Charles liked aviation throughout childhood. It was very difficult to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Charles did many important things in his life. Charles showed heroic bravery by advancing many industries.

Charles did many things to learn about the world of aviation. Charles' father was Charles August Lindbergh. His mother was Evangeline Lindbergh. Charles studied flight in college. Charles looked up to the Wright brothers. Charles learned a lot about aviation in his early life.

Charles faced many challenges when flying across the Atlantic. Many people tried and failed to fly the Atlantic solo. Charles struggled with drowsiness when flying across the Atlantic Ocean. Many people doubted his ability to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. There were many challenges when flying across the Atlantic Ocean

Charles accomplished many things in his lifetime. Charles was the first person to fly across the Atlantic solo. Charles also won 2 Pulitzer prizes for his book The Spirit of St. Louis. Charles built and tested bombers for World War 2. In his lifetime Charles accomplished many things.

Charles innovative thinking and bravery have affected the world we live in today. He advanced the aviation industry by flying transatlantic solo. Charles helped usher in an age of commercial aviation. Charles was a huge supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. Charles has had a huge impact on the world

Charles Lindbergh is important to me because he helped bring in an age of aviation. He also supports the wildlife. Finally he was very determined to fly across the Atlantic Ocean no matter what anyone said. He inspired me to be determined and never give up. This is why Charles Lindbergh is a hero.

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