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Charles Lindbergh

by Tedra from Coatsville

Charles Lindbergh was very heroic and lived a heroic life after a HUGE accomplishment.  He was born February 4th, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan and died August 26th, 1974 on the Hawaiian island Maui where he died of lymphoma at age 72.

Facts of the Amazing Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh flew a plane from Roosevelt field, Garden City, on New York's Long Island to Le Bourget field in Paris, France.  After that, he accepted a prize of $25,000 from Raymond Orteig on June 14th, 1927.

He offered as a consultant in World War 2, and was an engineering consultant for the US Aircraft. He also fought in the war.  In later life, after the war, he lived in Darien, Connecticut and served as a consultant to the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force and to Pan American Airways.

Obstacles to Overcome

The plane, The spirit of St.Louis, had to go through many challenges like skimming through storm clouds at about 10,000 ft (some big storm clouds) and wave tops as low as 10 ft fighting icing, fog, and navigating by the stars ONLY.  The plane had to carry 450 US gallons of gas for the flight; that's about 2,710 pounds!  The plane landed with some damage done, but not much.


Charles Lindbergh was brave, fearless, and full of courage.  He was the very first to fly across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop, with nobody else to do it with him or do it before him.  It was all new to the whole country, a real hero.  I would be fearful, flying like that, nobody to help, nobody following me.  I wouldn't fly a plane ever!  I would be terrified, scared to death, maybe i would faint!  Charles Lindbergh hasn't any of these doubts.

Why He's a Hero to Me

Everyone has a favorite hero, the idol to the person could be anyone, but I chose Charles Lindbergh because he was brave enough to fly translantic across the Atlantic Ocean when nobody else before him did.  Even when I was scared of heights, I wanted to fly.  I wished to hang glide, ride a hot air balloon, and discover a new way to fly.  Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean on a plane! When I heard that I was amazed. He's been my idol from that day on.


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