Teachers Heroes

Chuck Persenaire

by McKenna from New Era

Coach Chuck Persenaire has done many things that could classify him as a hero. I wouldn't say that he is my one and only hero, but I would say that I admire him greatly. He has done many things for himself, his family, and his community. Coach P is a friend, a father, a husband, and a hero.

Coach Persenaire started at Shelby Public Schools as a physical education teacher with a degree from a local community college. Today he can teach anywhere from biology, technology, or physical education. The way he got his biology degree is quite a miracle. To make a long story short, he failed the class, and got a call back from his teacher the next day saying that his project passed. That to me is pretty amazing.

Coach P has been through some tough times in his life. He had two kids with his wife, Joy. When his wife died almost 10 years ago, he had to carry on with his life for his family and friends. He eventually remarried to his current wife Missy. He has taken in her two children as well.

For obvious reasons Coach Persenaire is quite a man to look up to. He is determined, dedicated, and the whole nine yards. He is someone I am proud to say I admire. I hope one day to have people respect me for my accomplishments as I know people respect Coach P for his.

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