Chad Pregracke

by Niquan from Wyandanch

chad pregracke (
chad pregracke (

The person I am doing a project on is Chad Pregracke. He was born on the banks of Mississippi River. His actual name given at birth was Chad Mitchell Pregracke. He was born on December 4, 1974. His birthplace was in Illinois, United States. Chad's parents' names are KeeKee and Gary Pregracke. They were both educators. Chad grew up with both parents. He grew up on the banks of Mississippi River in a rural country. His life was easy and great. Chad finished school and went to college to study general studies. He earned a two year degree.

Chad Pregracke did not have a hero. I think Chad's character traits are bravery, loyalty and kindness. Those are his character traits because he is brave enough to clean up earth's waters. He is loyal enough to not be cruel to the earth's waters. He is kind enough to keep our rivers clean. Chad picked up pieces of garbage one at a time. At the age of 17, he started calling government agencies to notify them of the garbage in the river. He assumed someone would help solve the problem. Nobody was helping him solve the problem. So, basically he started an organization to help keep the earth's waters clean. Chad Pregracke has one organization called Living Lands & Waters. The purpose of his organization is to clean earth's waters and to allow our people to live on clean land and water.

Chad Pregracke ( (depauw))
Chad Pregracke ( (depauw))

For my story I sent an email to Chad through his organization. Guess what? He actually answered my questions. One of the things I asked him was what kind of interesting things does he do. He said, "I get to spend 9 months a year living on a barge with 10 other people. I pull trash from the Mississippi and other rivers daily and get to work with an awesome crew and amazing volunteers."

Chad Pregracke is my hero because he took the time of his life to clean up earth's land and waters. That was a great, courageous thing to do for the people on earth. What he did influences my life in many ways. He helped us live on clean water and land with no littered trash on the land or in the water. That's how what he did influenced my life in many ways. He is also my hero because he is the bravest person in the world to me. I don't know anyone who was brave enough to go on water to pick the trash up off of our land and water. Thank you Chad Pregracke! (MY HERO).

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