Chen Shu-chu

by Barry from Taipei

She went to America to receive honors.
She went to America to receive honors.

I want to introduce a hero whose name is Chen Shu-chi, a Taiwanese. She was born in 1951, and her mother suddenly died at the time she graduated from elementary school. To support the family budget, she gave up entering a higher school and set up a stall selling vegetables with her father.

Since she began to sell vegetables, she has saved nearly ten million dollars. She didn't use the money to enjoy the luxury living but to donate all the money to help poor families, orphans, and built a library. She gave generously with her modest income. Though she couldn't afford to go to better school in her early age, she has the desire to help more children to receive better education. Not only because she knew the pain of poverty but also she considered that money is only useful if you give it to people who need it.

It was for her compassion she was selected for the Roman Magsaysay Award. She once said,''The best way of life, is the most complete I want to accomplish something, then fall to work.'' She created the extraordinary generosity. She has taught me that doing just a little thing, and I can make difference to a lot of people who need help.

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