Angels Heroes

Caroline Turnbull

by Amy from Troy

"Better yourself, to greater better someone else."

Caroline Turnbull looks like your average Jane, but underneath it all, she's an everyday hero. As an LPN at a nursing home in Missouri, she touches people's lives who are close to death. By helping the elderly live out their last days peacefully, comfortably, and with love, she brightens the room and their outlook on life. She is always there with a smile, advice, or to sneak a cookie or two every once in a while. Voted # 1 nurse in her division last year, Caroline makes an impact on these people's lives that will never be forgotten.

When she isn't at work, Caroline is probably working towards ending animal cruelty all across the world. She donates to over 6 charities monthly, and gives her time and possessions away to local ones as well. Supporting the empowerment of those who cannot speak or act for themselves is important to her. By donating her time, efforts, and affection, she is slowly changing the world, an animal at a time!

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