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Carolyn Whitaker

by LeQuisha from Virginia

Hi, my name is LeQuisha White and I am writing you this letter to nominate my mother as hero of the year. Having been a foster-child who was abused both mentally and physically she made a promise to God that if she was ever taken out of that situation then she would do her best to care for and love each child that she came in contact with. She was from a family of twenty-one children whom she lost contact with going in and out of foster and detention homes. She was finally placed in a permanent foster home where she had siblings, parents, love and the chance to live a normal life. Once out of school having a family herself which included a spouse and child she then began to look for her brothers and sisters. My mother always told me of the different trials, tribulations, and unbelievable circumstances she endured, never leaving out the fact that she couldn't have made it through without God on her side. At the beginning of my teenage years, being the only child yet having so much, I had no one to share it with. I then started reminding my mother of the promise she told me that was made by her to God. She then began to take classes to become a foster parent. Despite many obstacles, which included being called into the police because neighbors believed she had kidnapped one child because of her race, getting emotionally attached to children and having them taken away and sometimes placed back into the system and finally being looked down on by family and friends because she always kept so many children, my mother never stopped pushing forward.

After becoming a permanent foster parent to one set of siblings, another child came into my mother's home.This child being considered for adoption asked my mother if she would also take her siblings. Having been through separation from her own siblings, my mother fully understood and empathized with this little girl. The answer given to her without any hesitation was, absolutely. From that day forward my mother has never separated siblings in any adoption proceedings she went through. She was featured in Women's World Magazine and still today continues to show countless adopted, foster, God and grandchildren more love than anyone could ever hope to receive in any lifetime. And although my mother isn't the richest woman in the world with material things, she never minds giving away her all. She wants to purchase land and build enough houses where she can care for countless more children and give them the opportunity that she has given her biological child, nine adopted children, and four grandchildren.

My mother was first born as Carolyn Diane Sawyer known by her mother as an "unwanted and troubled" child. She then grew into "Sis Gal" as known by her siblings and childhood friends, known to take the blame so no one else suffered or just making sure they ate or went to school even if she couldn't. "A Gift from God" was her next title given to her by her foster mom who took her into her home and gave her acceptance, love, and the fulfillment of family. Next she became known as "Mommy, mom and Mother" by me her biological daughter with each phase of my life to which she has never stopped loving, caring for and showing me the correct way to do things in the daily aspects of my life. And finally she is known as "foster, adoptive mom, friend, angel, and the giver of hope, a real life orphan Annie who went from rags to riches with an abundance of love that can be spent on all who needs it. My mother today is known by me as "An Angel with broken wings" who sincerely believes that all things can be accomplished if you trust in the Lord, believe in yourself and always give any obstacle your all. If anything could be said about my mother, my inspiration and many children's hero then it would in my opinion be this. She believes that children are the and if she can touch just one of their hearts then that child will pass it down to the next while healing the children of this world one by one.

Ask anyone past or present that has come in contact with my mother what they treasure most about her and you will hear many different things, such as she always smiles, always laughs, always has a lot of children around her, always helps anyone who asks. From family and friends to strangers, she always gives her all, she always listens, always cares, but most of all Carolyn Diane Sawyer Williams Whitaker, along with countless other names and titles, has kept and continues to keep her promise to God by loving, yes always giving love unconditionally every day, no matter what happens or what she is going through and this is why I love my mother so much and want everyone to know that this Angel with her broken wings has truly made me believe - that even if you can't fly high you can still leave footprints for all to remember you were here, you lived, loved and left no regrets but a mark behind so no one will ever forget all that you have done for many generations to come.

My mother has done countless repairs on the home in which they are currently staying. But it truly saddens me that the kitchen and dining area Is so small that everyone has to eat in the living room. I just wanted to tell her story in hopes that maybe, just maybe, this once someone will listen and help to put her on the other side of receiving the blessings she sends out tirelessly each day.

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