Angels Heroes

Carmen Islas

by Roxana Islas from Los Angeles

"My mother is an angel fallen from heaven".

"My mother is an angel fallen from heaven". She has been an inspirational person since the day I was born. She has never left me alone in the good times nor in the bad times. She has been a true life hero because she is a person who has taught me a lot about life itself and how it can affect me if I don't take care of myself. She has taught me valuable lessons that have helped me in life throughout elementary,middle school and now high school.In other words she has taught me never to give up. She has been loving and caring person towards me.

My mother is a true hero because she has passed through a lot of hard times that made her see what life is all about and now she is passing what she knows to me,so that I can become a better person in life. My mother has taught me not only to respect myself but my elders. She has taught me what a true hero does. They care for people and never let them down. That is what true hero really is.

My mother not only helped me with school but she gave me great advice that will be useful in the future. She sacrificed all her life working morning and night trying to give us shelter and food, which has been a heroic thing that my mother put up with, throughout her life. With the help of my dad she continued to work for us. I will never forget this important heroic thing because it has meant a lot to me throughout my entire life.

My mother is someone I look up to and hope to be like when I grow up. I say this because if it wasn't for my mother I don't think I would feel this strong about school and my life. I now understand life better because I know what life is all about. It's about caring for others and succed life. She has been a hero and will always be a person I look up to for the rest of my life.

My mother is caring, brave and intelligent. She has taught me the real meaning of becoming someone in life and making myself proud of. I will never forget my mom's generosity inl life. My mother is a hero to me and will always be a hero. She is an angel fallen from heaven.

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Extra Info

My mother graduated from high school in Mexico and got her diploma. She also got her degree in working with lawyers. She came to the United States and started working selling clothes and really got a good understanding about her new life in USA.