by Siobhan from London, Ontario

cat is the one in green
cat is the one in green

My hero is a woman I know named Cat. She was born in Scarborough, Ontario. She is 51 years old. She likes to go tubing in the winter and in the summer she likes to go swimming. Some difficulties in her life lately because of her health and now she has to be more careful doing things.

Cat is my hero because she is one of the most selfless, kindest, and committed people I know. An example of what Cat does is she makes mattresses out of milk bags for people in developing countries who have to sleep on a cold dirt floors. The thing that makes this really great is it helps the world in two ways. Firstly, it helps the world because it saves the world from pollution. Secondly, it prevents children in the world from getting diseases from sleeping on the floor and it makes it more comfortable for them. Another thing Cat does to help the world is she makes bags out of kool-aid jammer packs. Now the thing that makes her committed is she started an eco-friendly group and started a haunted house at my church.

So that is why cat is my hero.

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