Angels Heroes

Charles Robert Brown

by Karlie from Canada

Responsible, caring and thoughtful BEST describable Charles Robert "Bob" Brown. A hero to me is someone that cares for me, someone that is thoughtful to me and, last but not least, someone that is responsible for me.

For most people they only have one hero but I have more than one. I chose Bob to be my hero in this project because he recently died. He was diagnosed with heart disease in 2005 when he had a heart attack. Then in February he a triple by-pass surgery. He came out of surgery perfect. But in March he had a car accident. He died because his heart couldn't take the stress.

He taught kids like me to jump for Jump Rope For Heart. At Bristol Elementary he was the organizer of the Jump Rope For Heart. He got Popsicles and juice boxes for us. Also there was music from his car. That was the best Jump Rope For Heart.

Also I picked him to be my hero because he has helped with the Terry Fox Run (organizer for it.) He got the police to stop the car and let us cross the road. He got water for the end of the trail. And then we run or walk back to the school where we got juice boxes.

He does everything for everyone. From 1971 to 2004 he was a full time teacher then he retired in 2004. He decided to be a substitute teacher after he retired. And sill organized the Jump Rope For Heart and the Terry Fox Run.

I hope I have persuaded you that Bob is a hero. He is definitely my hero.
Thank you so much Bob!

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