Cheng Yen

by Ivis and Stacy from Taichung

Cheng Yen 

Money isn't just fame or wealth. It can help people survive.

She helps so many people. Both in their mentality and physicality reached her love and encourage. Although she has many pains on her body, she still keeps helping people who are suffering. She is a angel. She also makes a lot of people become angels by founding Tzu Chi Foundation. Master Cheng Yen can do something that other people cannot. She loves everyone even strangers. It's like Mozi said, "the universal love". I will always respect her in my life.

Early life:

Her real name is Wang Jinyun (王錦雲). She was born in 1937 in Qingshui in Taichung City, Taiwan.

World War II --- She experienced suffering and pain of the victims and felt sad.

1952 --- She vowed to be a vegetarian in her whole life to eliminate mother's disaster. And then she began to become a Buddhist monk. She has converted to Buddhism since then.

1966 --- Founded Tzu Chi Foundation. She upheld to help everyone who need help. And encouraged Reciprocal giving, selfless for the public.

1986 --- Found Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital  Constructed in the remote area, in order to take care of disadvantaged groups. The spirit is "respect for life" concept.

1989 --- Jing Si Aphorisms(中英靜思語). She translated into national languages, like English and Japanese. Make folk feel good side in mind.

1995 --- Da Ai TV (慈濟大愛電視台) provides programs for views of all age. It brought Peace, harmony and inspiration to the social by producing News and programs.

There is also a part time that Cheng Yen explains Buddhism. They are trying to awaken people's minds.

2000 --- Founded Tainan Tzu-Chi Senior High School.

They teach the students not only one subject but also on

their good character traits. 

2002 --- She founded Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center. Helps patients to find the suitable bone marrow stem cells. This Center saves many people's lives, and in 2009, the donors reach 2000 people.

2009 ---She helped the victims of Typhoon Morakot rebuild their homes. Tzu Chi supported food and necessities and donated money to help the victims.

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